Monday, January 10, 2011

Different facets of pastoral mentoring

2 Timothy 2:2.  And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

Welcome!  This site reflects on pastoral leadership development, especially non-formal education and mentoring.  Ideas, philosophy of ministry, and the flesh-it-out stuff of mentoring is dealt with here.  Expect to see upcoming events, prayer requests, and even a picture every now and then.

The Philippines abounds with opportunities to mentor ministers.  There are an estimated 60,000 pastors in the Philippines.  Of these 40,000 have little or no formal training!  As a missionary with Action International Ministries, by God's grace I help to address this needs on three different levels:
  1. Small group mentoring.  The Filipino culture responds very well to group processing in contrast to the one-on-one style that is effective in the west.  The culture is less book oriented and more verbal, friendship oriented.
  2. Facilitating pastoral development on a national basis through the PCEC's (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) commissions, TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition) and MentorLink Philippines.  More will be said about these exciting ministries in upcoming posts.
  3. WarriorShepherd, a letter of encouragement and teaching for pastors.  
WarriorShepherd follows a different theme each quarter.  It has a growing distribution with over 300 copies by email and an anticipated 3000 hardcopies distributed through ministerials.  Plans are also being made to post the letter of Facebook.

Please pray for the current issue due to be released mid-February.  The theme for the quarter is the pastor's purity, highlighting an anonymous testimony, principles for victory in personal holiness, and the importance of accountability and Internet protection.  This is going to be a critical issue, long in development, a journey of delays, challenges, and obstacles.  There seems to be some spiritual opposition to it's release!

Please pray for a growing distribution.  3300 email and hard-copies is only a drop in the bucket considering the breadth and depth of the need!

Please follow the bog, comment, pray, check in often!

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